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As a brand strategy, design and marketing agency, VISECH delivers the full spectrum of brand and marketing services - all under one roof.

For your brand identity to resonate and remain in the hearts and minds of its intended audience, it needs to be relevant, valuable and constantly evolving.

We can give you with the people, experience, and knowledge to take you to the next level, whether you are launching a new product or business or trying to earn money with an existing corporation.

Brand identity design and development

As a brand planning firm with ten years of experience, we have seen it repeatedly demonstrated that having the greatest product or the lowest price does not ensure success. Instead, businesses that successfully convey their mission, engage their audience, and build emotional relationships with them grow to be market leaders and disruptive forces in their respective industries.
We extensively collaborate with your leadership group, staff, and partners to establish the groundwork for your entire plan. We develop and design all facets of brand strategy that emphasise and preserve your competitive edge to give your brand the reflection of your products from growth objectives to product value propositions to consumer engagement and loyalty programmes.
Our brand insights will show you the way forward, and our local resources will make it easier for you to follow that route to success.

Branding & Strategy Design Services

Key Components of our Branding Program

A formal process to apply new thinking to your brand
Branding & Strategy Design Services

Brand Research

We think that your brand strategy goes beyond the things like your company name, logo, goods, and website. We recognise that a well-defined brand strategy will decide your firm’s goal, vision, values, and the emotions you arouse in your consumers through our research approach. We are a full-service organisation that offers brand strategy.
To establish a solid basis and develop long-term consumer trust, it is essential to be aware of your voice. We help with companies to fulfil their mission by creating clear goals of what they want to do and become, in contrast to other brand strategy consultants that offer simple, restricted answers.
Businesses may strengthen their brand messaging, competitiveness, visibility, and differentiation among specific client categories by using VISECH’s brand research services.

Branding & Strategy Design Services

Brand Strategy

We see strategy as a roadmap, and in the brand strategy phase we’ll look at how your brand – or brands – touch your core audiences, and how we can make each touchpoint more powerful and memorable.

 Your brand is the relationship that your customer has with your company. Like most relationships, it’s based on feelings and experiences. Effective brands excel at creating feelings that allow customers to get more out of a transaction than simply a product or service – and that’s why they keep coming back. The right Brand Strategy lets you say all the right things to create meaningful long term relationships with your own customers.

Branding & Strategy Design Services
Branding & Strategy Design Services

Brand Positioning and Language

It is a marketing tactic designed to assist customers in recognising and drawing links between particular phrases and a particular product. Strong brand language and identity will not only increase brand recognition but also set your company apart from rivals and comparable goods.
Through branding, you may influence people’s emotions in a variety of ways and increase their sense of loyalty to your business. Building ties with your audience through branding paves the way for them to become devoted clients in the future. Therefore we focus on the language and demographic positioning and segmentation of your brand!

We could suggest a mix of the following services:
• Development of the USP Statement
• Development of the target customer profile (Target Personas)
• competitive analysis and market analysis
• Development of a brand’s essence and personality
• Objectives, values, and mission Statements
• Description of the Brand Promise
• Catchphrases and Taglines
• Marketing for Brands
• Creating a social media profile
• writing for websites

Logo & Visual Identity

Building on your new brand position and messaging platform, our initial creative expressions will reflect your vision for the future. And because your brand is more than a logo or a website, we’ll also provide a roadmap that shows you where your brand lives in the market, where it should go, and how to get there.
Branding & Strategy Design Services
Branding & Strategy Design Services

Benchmarking Metrics + KPIs

We can help you find your purpose, and help you create your brand. By setting quantifiable goals for them to achieve, KPIs and benchmarking are both utilised to energise personnel. The employees contribute to improving the overall success of the business by hitting these goals. KPIs are crucial because they provide a benchmark against which to measure your performance going forward. KPIs make it obvious whether or not you are succeeding in your objectives. By using KPIs, you may define objectives, plan a course of action to achieve them, and assess your progress as you go.

The Secret Ingredients of Brand Strategy

Branding & Strategy Design Services

We believe in storytelling, product launches, rebranding, and internal branding:

No matter the format, platform, or channel, we assist you in telling your story in a distinctive and interesting way. Our brand strategy specialists create all of the message and execution needed to showcase your business in an engaging manner.

Product launches
Our brand strategy experts have years of expertise assisting companies with the introduction of new goods and services and successful market penetration.

We specialise in working with companies of all sizes and shapes to help them gain momentum over their previous identities by rebranding their presence.

Internal branding
We are a brand strategy firm of the current era that can assist you in selecting the ideal messaging for your internal branding in order to connect and interact with staff members and stakeholders at the highest level.

The VISECH Difference

We aid businesses in forging thought leadership and creating data-driven brand strategies.

Our knowledgeable staff helps you establish goals for your brand using data, research, and audience insights, and then works with you to carry them out while avoiding frequent mistakes and blunders.

Branding & Strategy Design Services

We offers the following brand strategy services:

• Complete-Service Branding
• Dedicated Brand Strategy Specialists with Training
• wide range of expertise from new businesses to local service providers

Because brand strategy affects almost every area of your company, stakeholders at all levels to explain the objectives of your brand and the roles that each team member performs. Additionally, we assist you in presenting your narrative and distinctive stance to the media via news sources, social media platforms, and local influencers that best represent your business. Visech captures your vision and enables you to realise your potential, whether you are an established brand that needs to change or an up-and-coming business aiming to be the next big thing.
We at VISECH think of ourselves as an extension of your team. And like our namesake, we want to be fair, trustworthy, and a constant provider of top-notch services. These are the qualities you look for in a good mechanic.

Benefits of our Branding Program

Insight into business challenges and opportunities, gained through interviews with internal and external stakeholders

Clarification of your business values and market position

An outside perspective, free from your organization’s internal biases
A roadmap for where your brand should go and how to get it there
Clear, concise language that defines what you do and for whom
A fresh visual identity that captures attention and expresses your core differentiators
A new perspective on customer-facing materials to ensure they reach the right audience with the right message
A unified and aligned internal culture

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